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our vision

anamata model and talent agency

I see a world of angels. The emergence of the new age of peace, love, knowledge and acceptance.

I see the end of the age of monotheistic fear religions, death cults, crazy creeds, corrupt politics, trash media and mass marketed medeocrity.The end of lies and cons. The end of primitive primates running the planet paradise into the septic tank.

I see the return of pagan beliefs and reverence for life. I see fish in every stream, river, pond, lake, sea and ocean. I see the chains being thrown off by the slaves. I see the kings and queens relinquishing their crowns. I see all the titles affixed to hat wearing bullshitters stripped of any meaning. I see the human species awakening and embracing their path in evolution. I see a celebration of life.

And I see there are far too few who see this so it will be what we show here at anamata model and talent agency.

The new age is upon us. Look and see.