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our mission

anamata model and talent agency

Our mission. We hope to reveal the real. Show that the humans, and other animals, are really here in the universe. This may seem like a silly mission for it must be bloody obvious. But a good business needs a mission. At least that's what they tell me. So it is the mission of anamata model and talent agency to show that the real is a grand thing. Photographs will not be manipulated beyond colour mixing and contrast. What you see is how it was.

And it is also part of our mission to support our business and our models financially. This will happen when photographs are purchased or services are paid for. The models will be rewarded financially for every photo sold, the photographer will get his cut, and the anamata model and talent agency will get paid their due. Now something like that is our mission.

It may be a little more refined when we have a couple hundred models and a few administration people to look after stuff like this.