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anamata model and talent agency

Steve Howard, that's me, your host, has a passion for writing, music and photography. Steve Howard is not good at following tradition but rather forging his own direction.

Photography was a hobby of Steve Howard since childhood and became a part of his life in 1982 when Steve Howard bought his first secondhand camera. Back when everything was manual and digital wasn't yet a concept. In the last several years Steve Howard has taken many photographs without telling his subjects what to do, or even sometimes, that they were the subject of the photo. Since 2009 Steve Howard has given up that habit and been using models. None of the models to date have been models. Some will be, most won't.

The business of anamata.net is photography. The main focus is on people. It has been a long time coming mostly because Steve Howard has many other things to do and experience to be won. anamata.net has been getting some good response of late so the next step will be taken.

In the spirit of being a professional, 2011 will mark the beginning of selling of Steve Howard photo prints and photo service as well as contracting out models.